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Avenue in the River Lounge

On a late Friday afternoon, I sat down with Jeff Lee and Joey Wallace of the band Avenue. By the time we left, I knew that Jeff is the health nut of the group, Joey will eat anything, Mike is the nicest person on the planet, and Dustin is the glue that holds the crew together.

The band started about three and a half years ago by lead singer/lead guitarist, Brian Clark as an outlet for the guys to get together, put their creative juices to work and entertain the masses with a combination of Top 40 hits and a little bit of Classic Rock. Their leader, Brian, left the band about a year ago to spend more time with his growing family. This encouraged the rest of the band to really step up. “It’s amazing how far our voices have come along in the past year,“ said Joey. Now they’re singing everything from “Gangnam Style” to “Call Me Maybe.” 

During the interview, I got to ask them a few questions:

What’s your favorite song to play right now?
Joey – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears
Jeff – “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris

What’s one song you refuse to play?
In unison – “Freebird”

What do you listen to?
Joey – A lot of talk radio, U2 and Top 40
Jeff – Top 40

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Joey – Here’s the deal, everyone else in the band is a health nut. I’m like, “Gimme all the hamburgers.”

These guys aren’t just fun to talk to; they’re a blast to watch live. Luckily, you’ll be able to do so when they’re here on Friday, April 26, in the River Lounge!  I’ll be there to watch, and I hope you’ll join me!